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Just my two cents Wed Apr 14, pm Author: David-Foster- I have looked into it and I wouldn't use the term engraver, more like "scratcher" lol. These ioline smartrac is60 are generally much less expensive than a full sign making software package. A high-speed processor and 1 megabyte buffer give the SmarTrac the power to blaze through even complex files. Thank you for your personable brand of customer support.


In my three and a half years of working with Ioline… I have only ioline smartrac is60 one unit for replacement and that was taken care of without a hitch and within less than one week. The support staff at corporate is pleasant and professional. When finished, ensure the Ioline machine is powered on with a green light and test the software. Please contact Ioline Customer Service to obtain the latest firmware for your plotter. C Carriage - The component that holds the knife. It travels along the Y-Axis on the traverse rods. Calendered - Polyvinyl chloride PVC sheeting squeezed between a series of heated rollers to achieve a small enough thickness for cutting with a signcutter.

Calendered film is generally thicker and less expensive than cast vinyl, but it sometimes tends to shrink or move back to its original thickness. Cam Shaft - see Square cam shaft. Cast - Polyvinyl chloride PVC sheeting formed by spreading a molten vinyl mixture on. Cast film is usually thinner and more expensive than calendered vinyl. Chattering - See Stitching. Control Panel - Panel on the right side of the machine where ioline smartrac is60 plotter functions are accessible. Also called the Keypad.

Coordinate ioline smartrac is60 A point that can be referenced by its position on the X or Y axes of a signcutter. The use of line or arc segments to connect coordinates creates paths for pens and knives to follow when cutting. Cradle - A cradle tube attachment ioline smartrac is60 provided for Classic signcutters. The cradle supports a roll of vinyl. Cut Sheet - A single piece of material that is loaded into the signcutter but is not pulled from a roll. Drive Shaft - The motor driven shaft that moves material through a friction feed signcutter. The drive shaft has a rough surface that grips the material.

Ioline I/S 60 Quick Start Manual

Flange - The projecting rim around the edge that holds the pen or blade holder to the tool carriage. The signcutter automatically recognizes when a pen or blade is installed and ioline smartrac is60 cutting parameters accordingly. Reprogramming is performed using the Ioline Control Center Options menu. Plotter is placed on-line and communication occurs through either the serial or parallel communications port connectors. Font - Refers to the style and width ioline smartrac is60 a particular design of letters, numbers, and symbols, such as Helvetica Bold or Times Roman.

Force - In cutting, the downward pressure exerted on a pen or blade tip to ease cutting through materials. Additional force can be added by adjusting the Control Center Force settings and updating the signcutter.


Increasing the force will darken pen lines or aid in cutting thicker materials like tag board. Friction feed - Process where the material is fed through a signcutter by placing it between a motor-driven drive shaft and tensioned pinchwheels. HPGL uses a center origin so ioline smartrac is60 begins at the center of the intended cutting area.

IOLINE Conector eléctrico Tornillo

I Idler Wheel - Secondary wheels that help keep wide material flat during cutting. K Keypad - Panel on the right side of the machine where ioline smartrac is60 plotter functions are accessible. Also called the Control Panel. Knife bevel - Angle of the vertical cutting edge of ioline smartrac is60 blade. The angle is increased to aid knife travel through thicker material that produces more friction between the blade and the medium. Bevels can be between 45 degrees for general vinyl, and 60 degrees for sandblast mask and reflective film.

M Mil - Thousandths of an inch or milliinches. For example; 75 mils is the same as. O Offset - The distance the tip of the blade trails behind the center of the blade. Origin - Place marking the zero 0 coordinate on the X or Y axes. Used as a starting reference by plotters for knife paths.Built to last with wear resistant metal parts, the Ioline SmarTrac Roll Fed Sign and Ioline smartrac is60 cutter gets the job done. See why this is the machine for you!.

This support page offers Ioline SmarTrac I/S vinyl cutter help for any issues you have with our systems! Get SmarTrac system support from Ioline today.

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