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Your measurements seem consistent with my measurements. You do get a bit of bump at Hz and Hz, but I assume those bass bumps are from the wall and desk. Not only did the blumenstein orca explode in all three directions, these little speakers distinctively revealed the differences in amplification handily. Frankly lovers of small single driver designs have almost universely deluded themselves into not needing real bass.

My main rig uses 8 inch blumenstein orca rated to 30 Hz without cabinets. Small extended range drivers have very small Xmax maximum rated movement so they just can't push much air, which is the premise of producing meaningful levels of bass.

Blumenstein Audio

IMO on blumenstein orca the s need help even a powered 8" in 1 cu. JCS Jr. Something broke and we're not sure what. Try again later, or search near a city, place, or address instead. We blumenstein orca find you quickly enough!

Blumenstein Orca and Fostex P1000-BH measurements

We couldn't find an accurate position. If you're using a laptop or tablet, try moving it somewhere else and give it another go. Or, search near a city, place, or address instead. Write a Blumenstein orca.

Blumenstein Orca and Fostex P1000-BH measurements

Cspiroumurphythecatsphinxvc and 1 other person like this. In the free market prices are set by demand. The cost of selling one software product unit is not zero. The P has its own problems, the 1kHz shout; but also sounded significantly more open and less congested. Seems there is some good bass reinforcement from the wall relative to the measurements done outside. The piano, saxophone, and of course trumpet sounded very real. I'm really amazed at the highs. Don't be a measurement fascist Merv's Top 5 Headphones. I'll take measurements a bit later. I might throw in the 4. The Flugelhorn flatpacks for the 4. With the exception of a few tracks that are inherently recorded as low volume, my 6W Studio amp seems to provide ample blumenstein orca to drive these desktop speakers to satisfactory SPL.

I cannot comment whether these speakers are excellent, because they are my very first true hi-fi speakers and I don't have anything else blumenstein orca compare them to. I'm not even sure these require burn-in and significantly scale by doing so. Read times. I am sort of torn which wattage to get.


Yes, there will be compromises and trade-offs but those blumenstein orca decisions only you can make and hear for yourself. I can only guide you so far. Quote from: Rclark on 12 Marpm. Lin, Indeed -- audio is always a compromise so you often just have to choose what's important -- I don't often listen super loud, but when I want a full scale orchestral expreerience, Blumenstein orca put on the Seennheiser HDs.

BTW, meant to comment on your boundary reinforcement approach you used with your s -- I was thinking something like the Mapleshade Gilbralters or Bedrocks would be a great pairing with these Orcas. If I weren't getting the two subs, I'd blumenstein orca give that a try. I should also mention that in all cases my speaker fronts were a good 30" out from the front wall, so even closer would undoubtedly even add to the bass output. None of these drivers can be considered high efficiency. Moderate efficiency yes. High efficiency no.

blumenstein orca They do demand the highest quality amplification. They are truly suburb loudspeakers. They hold themselves against my Harbeths, and in some areas immediacy exceed them.The Specials differ from the Normal Orcas in the tone quality. They are a clearer and brighter sound quality, blumenstein orca brightest in the Blumenstein lineup.


The Blumenstein orca. Fullrange single driver home audio and theater speakers, subwoofers, speaker cables, speaker stands, and wall mounts made by hand in Seattle, Washington.

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