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My Cart 0. You have dso-2150 usb items in your shopping cart. That all said, while an reasonable C programmer could probably get it working in an hour or so with the hardware in hand, if you don't know C and data types its going to take you a lot longer and you will likely crash your computer a number of times in the process. This breakout lead is easy to take voltage readings from numerous sensors in vehicle engine compartment.

DSO USB Download - Portable PC-baseddigital oscilloscope

Connect the breakout lead plugs dso-2150 usb the existing wire loom, and insert the two 4mm banana plugs into the scope using test lead HT30A, the output signal can be taken. Skip to main content. Include description. Dso LeCroy Dso-2150 usb Tektronix 5, By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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Means that a given waveform can be reconstructed perfectly if it is sampled twice as fast as the highest frequency dso-2150 usb the waveform. One This would make sense as higher sampling rate means filling buffer faster, and the tiny buffer on this one needs preservation Quote: Means that a given waveform can be reconstructed perfectly if it is sampled dso-2150 usb as fast as the highest frequency in the waveform.

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So, for a sine wave of frequency 10MHz you just need to sample at just dso-2150 usb more than 20MHz, but if you want to reconstruct a square wave at 10MHz which I think we are more likely to be dealing with how many samples do you need to get a reasonable square wave? I just don't have anything on hand with faster rise times. If you sample a 10MHz square wave at 20MHz then Nyquist suggests you should just be able to catch all the transitions but if it's sine wave at 10MHz and you sample at 20MHz you aren't going to get too many sample points per cycle to show the dso-2150 usb of the wave.

And Nyquist always means you have to use the appropriate reconstruction-filter and infinite samples ArtemRu wrote: a simple test from atmega8 to lcd output for my showed rise time about ns That's not the proper way to determine the rise time of an oscilloscope. Dso-2150 usb would have to use a signal with a known very short rise dso-2150 usb and then check what the DSO makes out of the known signal.

When doing so you have to pay attention to a number of things, e. Without having a defined, known input signal you can't figure out what the scope did to the signal. ArtemRu wrote: and, judging by the graph, it can easily measure ns rise dso-2150 usb. What graph?


The dso-2150 usb can for sure display 0ns or even negative rise time. But that's no indication of what the scope's circuit does to dso-2150 usb signal. ArtemRu wrote: afaik, you need sample rate times the bandwidth to actually more or less see the form. You can reconstruct a band-limited through a low-pass filter waveform from a series of samples equally spaced in time, using the Whittaker-Shannon interpolation formula.

How to use the Hantek DSO-2100 USB oscilloscope in Linux

Dso-2150 usb by sampling twice as fast as the highest frequency component in the waveform, you can "fill the gaps" mathematically and get a reconstruction in fidelity with the original waveform. Kinda like putting dots on a time-based graph according to data and then joining them. Not withstanding the Messrs. Nyquist, Shannonsche, Whittaker and Kotelnikow a rule of thumb like "sampling frequency should be at least five to ten times as high as the highest frequency component of the signal" makes sense. The signals you want to measure are rarely "pure". And you want to see or at least get an indication how dso-2150 usb they are. And that "dirt" can have a higher frequency than your signal.


dso-2150 usb Also, the highest frequency component of an ideal rectangle and many other waveforms is in theory even infinite. Fortunately, for measurements with an oscilloscope, no real world circuit produces an ideal rectangle, but having the first few harmonics of the signal not filtered out not attenuated to much is a good idea to see a good enough approximation of the real signal. In a DSO you actually have two limits to observe. The sampling frequency, and the bandwidth.

As the above mentioned rule of thumb should also be valid at the end of the specified dso-2150 usb you end up with another rule of thumb sampling frequency should at least be five time to ten times higher than bandwidth. Oscilloscopes have an interesting property. The closer you come dso-2150 usb the bandwidth limit, the more they "smooth" the signal, as high frequency components get removed.

If the signal looks to good on the screen something is probably wrong. Well, they for sure see a dso-2150 usb signal, but one which has been smoothed by the oscilloscope.

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You should remember that the bandwith of an oscilloscope is specified for the 3 dB point.Make your computer a powerful digital storage oscilloscope capable of FFT calculation with the affordable 60MHz Hantek DSO PC based USB. HDM series. Current Location:Home > Product Details>DSOProduct Details 10KK/Channel. Accessories, S/W CD, dso-2150 usb, manual, USB cord.

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