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Please enter your email. The gspca cards list 7. Join the linuxtv mailing list and ask the folks there. Provide as much info as possible. The current windows driver did not contain support. Only the full WinTV software did! May 27th, 1. Active threads Mark site read. Jun 25PM. At the beginning of hybrid devices came up and I continued to em28xx on the driver. At this time I faced the problem that the analog and digital TV framework was separated, and there was certainly also some flamewar going on between v4l and the dvb people. There have been a couple of approaches to solve the technical problem to share 1 component between analog and digital TV the tuner back then. My first approach was limited to a specific parameter setting which em28xx allowed to receive some TV channels, I realized that and started over again digging further into the V4L and DVB framework.

I came up with the idea to refactor the tuner stuff in order to be able to use the same tuner code between both v4l and dvb, to make the story short this was declined.

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During the time while working on it the driver already started supported more and more devices, and that small gap at the beginning became as a base for the entire code, everytime I tried to rework some bits in it it broke alot devices. So at that point there was already a large codebase depending on it, and a merge request has been sent. At that stage device node locking, preventing dvb appications to use the nodes while analog TV was in use was already implemented, and I also worked out alot other PCI devices some are still not merged with mainline. Also quite a few bugs have been fixed in the kernelframework eg tuner-core it cost alot time all together and the work didn't get valued at all. So at the end the code basically just got left behind and also during the development noone of those people who were against it was interested to join the core development - I asked several time on IRC, the ML posts didn't get further anyway either.

Please sign up today! By Jonathan Corbet November 11, Over the last year or two, the kernel development process has been changed in a deliberate attempt to make the addition of new drivers easier. It has become clear that out-of-tree drivers often do not get any better until they are merged; meanwhile, users want em28xx drivers and distributors are shipping them. So it would seem that everybody's interests are served by getting those drivers into the mainline tree. Experience with drivers merged under this policy has generally been positive; once those drivers head for the mainline, they get more attention and tend to improve quickly. Given that, one might well wonder why Markus Em28xx recently submitted "empia" driver series is encountering so much resistance.

This driver works with a number of video acquisition devices based on Empia chips; many of those em28xx not supported by the kernel now. As an Empia Technology employee, Markus has access to the relevant data sheets and is, thus, well placed to write a fully-functional driver.

⚓ T em28xx driver

There are em28xx who will attest that the drivers work, and that Markus provides good support for them. But, as things stand now, it would appear that this driver is not headed for the mainline. I'm trying to get an easycap thing working on the RPi, using a kernel compiled with easycap support but I had no success so far. Any hints on how to get it working? Guidelines for Video4Linux pixel format 4CCs 2.

Em28xx thing which puzzles me is, what exactly is em28xx? I know it's a driver but do I need to download it? You just need to specify em28xx card number correctly and then you can get an image from it using the mplayer and xawtv.

Thanks, Christian. You will be able to change your cookie settings at any time using the link in em28xx footer. Hello There, Guest!

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Display as a link instead. Which modifications do you em28xx


I have indeed modified a bit little the source code and rebuilt it and now this module em28xx no longer loaded which avoid the crash. In case this interest somebody else, I have edited file em28xx-card.


There is a similar line for your device in that file. I get this error when I tried to build em28xx driver like you do.

A cookie will be stored in your browser regardless of choice to prevent you being asked this question again. You will be able to change your cookie settings at any time using the link in the footer.How to compile the em28xx em28xx driver? See the How to Obtain, Build and Install V4L-DVB Device Drivers article. Original Website. Roadmap. Officially the em is em + DVB_T (Analogue/DVB-T Hybrid.


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