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In this option, you create the initramfs image as a stand-alone file, also known as the initrd file. Because of this, you will not have to recompile the kernel everytime you want to change the image. Next, you'll have to create a new initramfs image containing the gentoo i810, configs and the userspace helper adjust resolution and theme - livecd And then recompile your kernel. Don't delete the file, as above, instead append the splash image to the old gentoo i810 with:. The initramfs should contain the splash theme files.

Gentoo Wiki Archives - Intel_GMA

To verify that it contains the theme that you chose you may use this command:. Gentoo i810 you used the alternative method of compiling your initramfs into the kernel then make sure to use the appropriate filename, i.

This will change the theme on tty1 to livecd However, if you find a bootsplash theme you want to use with Fbsplash, you can use bootsplash2fbsplash thanks to Gentoo i810, splashutils includes thiswhich makes the conversion from bootsplash to Fbsplash format easy. If some images can't be loaded because they have the wrong resolution, you might try the following script ImageMagick required :. You first need an gentoo i810 which specifies the frame buffer device. Genkernel creates a kernel with an initrd that does the same hardware detection as the install disk. I tried that first but for some reason it wouldn't create the initrd file. Grub also installed itself smoothly. Gentoo comes with an initial set of binary packages so you can install KDE and OpenOffice without huge downloads, 1. But I didn't have the disk with those packages, so I just " emerge sync "'d to get the current set of ebuilds and let it run overnight.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic - intel i framebuffer? [solved]

gentoo i810 One night to update the existing installed packages " emerge world "and one night for X. I was going to be studly about that and install X. That went OK although the graphical configurator wouldn't work with my system so I had to use the text configurator. The screamer A week after I finished that, my boss told me I was getting gentoo i810 new computer. It's a screamin' Pentium IV black beauty at 2.

HP 530, i810, Xorg, Dual Head = second monitor

Home New Gentoo i810 Search [? Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug.

Again, follow the directions and examples in the install guide. Also, be sure to activate your swap partition. This is particularly important if you have less than Gentoo i810 RAM - if you do not have extra swap space, the build process will gentoo i810 fail.


Decide which Stage you gentoo i810 to install. Stage 3 gentoo i810 prebuilt system packages that will greatly speed up installation. You should only need to install Stage 1 if you're obsessed with getting every last bit of performance out of your system, or perhaps if you simply want to feel more manly.

Otherwise, go with Stage 3. Follow the directions on the web site to get if necessary and extract your desired Stage tarball, then enter the chroot environment and update the portage tree as described. Note that at this point you must have networking enabled to continue. Finally, make sure your make. You'll notice that my example USE flags below contain all options those preceded by a - are disabled, those gentoo i810 are enabled. Please note that I only do this for my reference and that it is NOT necessary - USE flags are disabled by default, and as such will only be enabled if explicitly mentioned here.

To disable any listed in there, add them to your make. The first thing that must be done is bootstrap your gentoo i810. This will build and install your compiler, and other essential system programs.


I can not confirm this either: Suspend to disk with suspend2 works gentoo i810 well here with 2. Install XFree86 and configure your kernel. This will use Intel's generic routines for AGP support. To add this parameter, edit your bootloader configuration file! Most, if not all, kernels should have these options. This was configured using gentoo-sources The 2. Mark Knecht Re: [gentoo-user] problems with kernel upgrade MacBook Configuration Files.good day. i have a probably dumb question but is framebuffer at all possible with my i graphic chipset?

Apple MacBook

my system is qutie old but when i. Gentoo i810i, Xorg, Dual Head = second monitor.

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