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Restart the firewall: service firewall restart 7. Now hostapd ath5k a wireless device and connect to your network.


This document describes how hostapd ath5k create an Access Point using an ath5k device. Viewed 11k times. You are not logged in.

The minimum of options you need for this are:. IIRC, setting the master mode only works on the ath0 device.

To me, hostapd seems the preferred choice of setting up such functionality, but I couldn't find hostapd packages distributed with SLES11 SP2which might be another indicator that this is not officially supported. I'll double-check with my SUSE contacts on their position on this, but it'll may take some days to get a response back, it's holiday season With regards, Jens. Hostapd ath5k use a network bridge as my virtual default gateway, or as the DHCP output card ; This bridge "distributes the packets" to the eth0 and WLAN0 there's no ath0 in my setup.

Ath5k – Vivek's blog

The iwconfig states that there are some Power managements issues and that it cannot set the card in Master mode, and cannot assign IP and that it can't bridge the device hostapd ath5k eth0. About the driver Third: What that means: " I suspect your connected interface is not bridged to your wlan0, or you do not have a dhcpd running. This comes in handy for printers, if you can trust those who connect to the network to not do MAC spoofing. Just found the answer myself after googling hours to find the answer in a small but very important sentence in a private blog post about Ubuntu :. Trying to cross-install openSUSE packages in terms of "compiled for an openSUSE install" requires almost as much understanding as does preparing and recompiling the source packages, which I feel would be quite a challenge to you Hostapd ath5k.

Atheros 802.11a/bg PCI/PCI-E devices (ath5k)

As you are running Hostapd ath5k - do you have a support subscription for your installation? But they'd know and tell you, either that you cannot or how you'd run the AP : Regards, Jens.

Enabling ath5k:[ What else could be improved? October 26th, 6.

Virtual STA and AP interfaces with ath5k, ath9k and ath10k

Make necessary changes in your configuration too. October 26th, 5. All mentions of sudo within the script are now gone, and the cron hostapd ath5k are now placed in the root profile's cron jobs.Just found the answer myself (after googling hostapd ath5k to find the answer in a small but very important sentence in a private blog post about Ubuntu).

Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01), using ath5k drivers.

hostapd didn't.

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