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As you can see, the 8. Technical: Developer Documentation: Technical Notes. Research Computing Facility. All rights reserved.

The sample code also demonstrates this approach. The LaserWriter 8 Print Dialog makes use of three optional filter plug-in resources during its execution. The first two are the kPluginInfoType resource laserwriter 8.7 vers resource.

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LaserWriter 8 uses these resources to display information about a filter when the user clicks on the small button corresponding to the filter in the Plug-In Preferences panel. Figure 4 below shows the information dialog for one of the sample code filters. The filter information dialog contains the name of the filter as contained in the kPluginResourceInfoType resource described in the section Filter Plug-In Requirements above. Since multiple filters may be contained in a single file and the filter name may have nothing to do with the name of the file containing the filter, the file name containing the filter is also displayed. For the filter information dialog in Figure 4, the name of the filter is "SampleFilter. The filter information dialog also displays the version of the filter and some informative text describing the filter.

LaserWriter 8 obtains the displayed version information from the 'vers' resource ID number 1. These resources are optional, and, if either of these resources is not available, the information is indicated as unavailable. When displaying a panel for a given filter, LaserWriter 8 can handle some of the management of the user interface portion of the filter if it contains a kPanelDescriptionType resource describing the DITL ID. If a filter provides this resource, LaserWriter 8 ensures all referenced checkboxes and radio buttons are appropriately selected and unselected.

This resource is not required laserwriter 8.7, if a developer prefers to manage these aspects of the user interface, this resource can be left out.

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The sample code provided with this technote supplies this laserwriter 8.7. Filters provide their settings for a given print job laserwriter 8.7 their default settings for a given printer by providing "hints" in the form of Collection Manager collection items.

To avoid collisions between the collection items used by different filters, the LaserWriter 8 Print Dialog code maintains a private collection for each filter as described laserwriter 8.7 in the section Filter Job Collection. LaserWriter 8 stores the private collection corresponding to a filter's job settings in the collection corresponding to the current job as a collection item with tag kHintPlugInCollTag and uses the filter's unique 4-byte signature as the collection ID.

Likewise, the filter's printer specific defaults are stored in a filter's private collection that LaserWriter 8 adds to its collection specifying printer defaults using the kHintPlugInCollTag tag and the filter's unique 4-byte signature as the collection ID. During the execution of the filter's user interface code, LaserWriter 8 obtains the filter's signature and uses that signature to obtain the private laserwriter 8.7 settings and printer default collections for that filter. When LaserWriter 8 calls a filter's psPanelInitData routine, the parameter plugInHints is the filter's private collection laserwriter 8.7 to the current job.

A filter normally consults this collection for any print job-specific defaults and adds collection items to this collection in order to configure the current print job. Normally these laserwriter 8.7 items are added by a filter's psPanelCloseData routine when the doIt parameter passed to that routine is true, indicating that the user has clicked Print or Save in the Print Dialog.


If the user has saved defaults for this printer, the behavior is the same as LaserWriter 8. If the user does not have saved defaults for this printer, the laserwriter 8.7 of the query are used. If someone has interest in purchasing this wonderful and formerly quite expensive piece of Laserwriter 8.7 Magic. Voiceman Voiceman Commercialtalent. I inherited it when my office upgraded to newer Mac equipment, but I have never used it. Adam, just picked up a LWII!!! Replaced power supply, AC supply board, fuser and pickup roller!!!


I laserwriter 8.7 retrobrited her!!! Lol I bet it still works!! I have tried it this way as well, and no luck LaserWriter 8 is version 8. AdobePS is version 8.


Carbon lib is version 1. Posted April 24, It is in the OS 9. Laserwriter 8.7 does not appear to be downloadable separately, but 8.

Adobe PostScript Driver 8.7 causes crashes for some users

View answer in context. Loading laserwriter 8.7 content.Technical Note TN This Technote outlines some of the new features and changes that Apple has made with the LaserWriter 8 version driver (released.

LaserWriter 8 version introduces the concept of PostScript output filters and their use during printing. PostScript output filters are laserwriter 8.7 fragments that live in.

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