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USB Floppy disk drives not working in Windows 10 Technical Preview

Color Category. Wasn't until I came across this thread on macosxhints.

On their website it does say that 2DD Mac disks aren't supported, which if i remember correctly was why I didn't buy that brand in the first place. Anyway, I submitted a tech vst usb floppy drive request on LaCie's website to see if they have a software update that might allow it to read Mac 2DD disks. Please consider turning off your ad blocker. I have always thought the drivers were built into the OS. Image as new browse able computer resources. vst usb floppy drive

Is there a driver that I can download to transfer my pictures from a floppy disc to my new computer? Joined: Jan 7, Messages: SuperDisks will be sold separately.


You can perform all regular functions of a conventional floppy drive like view, edit, rename, delete and create files on a virtual floppy. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

Working with Macintosh Floppy Disks in the New Millennium

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    LaCie USB floppy drive support in OS X - Mac OS X Hints

    Windows Update doesn't offer any drivers vst usb floppy drive the device either. This issue might occur due to incompatible or outdated drivers and missing updates. This was especially true for people who had an iMac at school or work but an older Mac or PC at home. You had to buy a USB floppy drive to read the disk from your other computer. Fortunately all but the oldest Macs support HD floppies, but the expense of an external USB floppy drive was discouraging to many longtime Mac users — and potential iMac adopters. Mac, PC.

    Vst usb floppy drive starter Finch Start date Jun 1, We don't like Ads much either, but they do help cover the costs of running the site. Replies: 1 Views: DaveA Jul 31, By using a variable-speed spindle drive system instead of fixed-speed, to cram more data on the same magnetic material space. That is why Mac floppy drives make sounds of different audible pitches as they move around the disk surface: the motor vst usb floppy drive is changing!

    As of the emergence of high-density HD floppies in the early s, Apple vst usb floppy drive growing weary of being slammed around in the marketplace. One of many, many causes was the higher price of Macintosh computers.

    USB Floppy Drive in OS X

    As the Wintel juggernaut began to steamroll them, Apple sought ways to cut costs. It was a whole lot easier and more financially sane for Vst usb floppy drive to go with the flow and use the same standards for 1.

    This is all my conjecture, anyway [2]. This is fact: With 1. Bottom line: a generic fixed-speed external USB floppy drive will work with 1. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.VST Vst usb floppy drive VST USB Floppy disk External USB overview and full product specs on CNET. VST USB Floppy Disk Drive External Clear/Green MB FDUSB. Material: Plastic. Material: Metal.

    6in length x 4in width x 1in height. Actual item size. Country.

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