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This is several years worth of printing using a few hundred dollars worth of heads. One of the things that matters a great deal in professional level printing is z3100, both self consistency over time — meaning that the prints that one makes today look exactly the same as the prints made last month — and also consistency between individual printers. Z3100 is important in a large printing studio or lab where the work load is spread over multiple printers of the same model.

In the case of the Z series printers, their built-in densitometer and spectrophotometer means doing a full calibration and linearization in less than 10 minutes, automatically. Apparently some printing studios z3100 a calibration every morning as a matter of course, at a cost of just 10 minutes and a z3100 cents worth of ink and paper. Why not?


Z3100 brings z3100 back to the question of consumable heads and their effect on consistency. Self calibration aside, lets look at the mechanisms that are available to assure image consistency.

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Firstly, HP recommends leaving their Z series printers turned on continuously. In z3100 Powersave mode they consume 27 watts of electricity.


Full power while printing uses watts. Z3100 remaining on all the time the printer is able to run periodic head checks. These are claimed to use just a tiny amount of ink, much less than is required for a self test and cleaning when the printer is turned off and then on again. There is a device onboard the printer called an Optical Drop Detector which periodically tests each of the 12, nozzles in a Z printer.

HP DesignJet Z Series Ink Supplies

This testing apparently uses 1 ML of ink for every testsso the cost per test is about 10 cents worth of ink. This contributes to the heads being always free of clogs and available for printing without lengthy start-up delays and expensive and time consuming cleaning cycles when clogs are discovered. This detector also detects any failed nozzles in real-time, meaning that only properly functioning nozzles are utilized on any print. It is then only when enough z3100 have been so marked, and perfect prints can no longer be made, that the printer will warn that a print head replacement is needed.

Much more relevant are issues like price, need to swap ink cartridges z3100 changing media types, dealer support, paper handling, z3100, maintenance, software and drivers, and the like. There has also been some discussion about whether the new HP printers have a more visible dithering pattern than do Epson printers. The same discussion was had when the Canon iPF was introduced.

The answer is that under a magnifier the patterns look different. But, to the naked eye at normal viewing distances, neither Z3100 not any of the other photographers to whom I showed comparative prints were reliably able to differentiate one brand printer from the other based on image "sharpness". And, not to put too fine a point on it, when it comes to set-up and installation z3100, as well as overall documentation, HP is head and shoulders ahead of Canon, and even slightly ahead of Epson, who have always done a very good job in this regard. The user interface presented by the printer driver as well as various HP utilities are models of clarity.

The front panel LCD is large, clear, and communicative.

HP Z Printer Review - Luminous Landscape

Paper handling is straightforward, and one is never in doubt as to what to do next, or how to do it. One hint though, when feeding roll paper — look through the smoked plastic lid and watch for when z3100 paper goes under the platen. It will then be grabbed and z3100 to feed. I found that it can be a bit annoying to have to feed a new roll of paper when standing behind the machine, because the LCD and controls are difficult to see.


I found z3100 preferable to load the roll, and then z3100 to the front of the machine. The paper can then be fed while leaning over the front, making observing the proper feed path and the LCD screen much easier.

This concern was reinforced by Craig Samuel who has extensive experience with making such very large fine art prints at his print studio. I queried HP on this and was assured that the apron material was suitable, but by comparison with the Epson andwhich have a very smooth nylon type apron, and smooth plastic guide bars, this still remains z3100 area of concern for me. I also noted that the Z is designed to only catch prints to the front of the printer. The apron system on the Epson printers z3100 much more versatile, allowing the orientation to be either front or rear. Refine By Product Type All.Save on our amazing HP® Designjet Z in Photo Printer with Free Shipping when you buy now online.

HP Designjet Z3100 24-in Photo Printer

Get our best deals when you shop direct with HP. The Z weights lbs, and the z3100 carton as delivered, with wooden skid, was listed as weighing in at lbs on the shipping manifest.

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